VBAC Preparation Classes

VBAC in our culture is seen as a high risk medical event. The medical community plays on fears…feeding and focusing on the fearsome aspects of birth. It is important to remember that birth is a natural process and a rite of passage, not a medical event, even when medical support is part of the birth experience.

We have been socialized to hand our power over to the experts because they know what is best for us and our baby. It is important to know that we as women do have a choice to have a VBAC unless there is a medical reason that would make it unsafe for mother and baby. In our culture we suffer from information over load and decision fatigue. When we don’t know our options we limit our ability to be active participants in our birth process and to stand in our truth and our power.

At TERRABELHA we are very excited to support women and their partners to prepare for a VBAC. VBAC preparation is different than the preparation that supports a first birth.

The combination of Anasuya's experience and education, in conjunction with working collaboratively with health care providers, she has learned what it takes to prepare and to have a positive, empowering birth experience.

If you are serious about having a VBAC, then preparation is the key factor. VBAC preparation at TERRABELHA will give you an opportunity to explore your options, gain clarity about the support you need, give you the skills to advocate confidently from your power, assist you in embracing a pain coping mindset, and support you in processing your story of your first birth. This preparation will allow you to stand in your truth and be active participants making it your VBAC experience.

We are often asked
“If we prepare, will that guarantee a vaginal birth?”

We have been socialized to believe that if we do all the “right” things, we will get the results we want.
If it doesn’t work out, then we must have done something “wrong”. The birth process, like all life processes, is unpredictable. There is no guarantee that we will achieve our desired outcome. Birth is
not a linear process. An important part of birth preparation is to learn how to embrace unexpected outcomes and still have an empowering birth experience. No matter how it unfolds we know we have been our best.
“How will my partner and I benefit from these sessions?”

You are supported in what you value regarding having a VBAC. The classes are small and interactive, allowing your needs to be addressed. You will build confidence in the body’s natural ability to birth and learn how to support that natural process. You will have the opportunity to create a birth statement and a labour management strategy that supports the VBAC process. You will have access to current evidence-based VBAC information that will allow you to advocate for yourself and your baby. Partners gain knowledge and skills as well as build confidence in providing the vital support needed during the VBAC experience.

If having a VBAC is an option for your next birth, TERRABELHA has two options to support this transformational process.