What is meditation?

Also known as "Dhyana" in Sanskrit, meditation is an integral part of yoga. It aims to help you achieve a harmonious balance between your body and mind.

Meditation relaxes your mind and eliminates feelings of restlessness. Meditation improves your concentration and creates an awareness about the power of your body.

You have to make an active mental effort to meditate, and that distinguishes meditation from deep sleep as a form of relaxation.


Can I safely practice meditation during pregnancy?

Meditation can be safely practiced in all stages of pregnancy, even the last trimester when the growing body may hinder you from completing asanas or other exercises.

While you can practice meditation throughout your pregnancy, it is best to follow a prenatal yoga class to choose the postures and breathing techniques most suited to relax your growing body without straining your back or abdominal muscles. The type of meditation you prefer may depend on your personal beliefs and the time available.


Benefits of meditation


  • helps you deal with mood swings
  • increases your sense of self-awareness
  • helps you focus thereby improving concentration
  • calms you down and relaxes you as well
  • helps you connect with your inner self
  • brings you closer to your baby and helps you bond with your little one.

Popular forms of meditation

Vipassana meditation makes you more aware of your present state, helping you focus inwards, and on your immediate environment.

anasuya-61Sound or Mantra meditation uses a particular sound, phrase or prayer such as "Om" to build positive vibrations that correct the "chakras" or energy centres in your body. Here, you may listen to taped chants or a relaxing piece of music to concentrate.
anasuya-60Deep breath meditation involves focusing on your regular breath to observe its nuances and movement. You may wish to put your hand on your growing stomach all the while keeping track of your rhythmic breathing.
anasuya-55Concept meditation is a technique where you visualize a certain concept like the waves of the sea, a blue sky, a religious deity, or even your growing baby. You learn to focus on the relaxed, quiet feeling fostered by the imagery, and meditate.
anasuya-50Walking meditation calms the restless mind when you walk around a chosen spot all the time concentrating on your breathing and the pace of your walk.

Tips on how to meditate effectively

1. Choose a well ventilated area in your house. You can even choose to meditate outdoors in a park.
2. Ensure that the place is calm and quiet where you will not be disturbed.
3. Follow a set routine – you may start with a few minutes at a preset time and gradually increase its duration.
4. Avoid meditating after a heavy meal or when you are tired.
5. Follow up your meditation with a session of Yog nidra to feel rejuvenated

Initially your mind may wander while you focus within, but you will be able to gradually focus with practice and a good dose of patience.


Keep these two with you always for some time till you get Brahmi-Sthiti (fully established in Atman).

OM is Sat-Chit-Ananda.

Om is Infinity, Eternity.

Sing OM. Feel OM.

Chant OM. Live in Om.

Meditate on OM.

Roar OM OM OM.

Hear OM. Taste Om.

See OM. Eat OM. Drink OM.

OM is Thy Name! May that OM guide you!